Maili Soil Remediation

Customer: United States Coast Guard

Project Description: Remediation of 5 acres of contaminated soil and concrete foundations at the former Voice of America (VOA) site.

Cocos Island Former Loran Station

Customer: United States Coast Guard

Project Description: Remove debris and contaminated soil from surface and subsurface areas at the site to facilitate monitoring and to verify that all sources of PCB contamination have been removed.

Bullfrog Stabilization

Customer: Bureau of Land Management

Project Description: Constructed 600 linear feet of sheet pile wall with shotcrete finish and color coat, also included 80,000sf of native plants, grasses, and irrigation systems.

Yosemite Underground Oil/Water Separator

Customer: National Park Service

Project Description: Mountain Methods, Inc., performed as the Prime Contractor on this job for the National Park Service. Performed demolition of existing underground oil/water separator tank. Installed new Vehicle Wash Rack, including an underground 3,000-gallon oil/water separator tank.

Water Control Structure for Flood and Irrigation

Customer: United States Fish & Wildlife Service

Project Description: An initial request from Mountain Methods, Inc., to obtain an accurate irrigation plan from the wildlife refuge proved unsuccessful. Many variables play a role in the canal water elevation where the structure was to be placed. Since maintaining the dewatering process was critical, Mountain Methods, Inc., installed an additional pump and monitored canal water elevations continuously to prevent flooding of the project. No modification to the contract was requested since it was Mountain Methods, Inc.’s decision to provide additional backup in case of pump failure.

Travis North Gate ATFP Improvements

Customer: United States Air Force

Project Description: Install K12 gates and fencing at Travis Air Force Base.

SLC ATFP Improvements

Customer: Naval Facilities Southwest

Project Description: Design/Build: ATFP Improvements at the Naval Operational Support Center, Salt Lake City, Utah Sow including installation of K4 swing style automated vehicle gates systems and fencing, turnstile/flat gate combination, two turnstile gates; Upgrade the NOSC compound fence line and install Drop Arms; Install Solar Control Film on windows & doors at the entrance; Upgrade the Armory Door.

Moccasin Perimeter Security Fence

Customer: S.F. Public Utilities Commission

Project Description: Demolition of 4,900 linear feet of existing fence, installation of 3,400 linear feet of chain link fence and 2,000 linear feet of agricultural style fence, installation of 15 single and double swing gates, Grounding at Overhead Transmission and Power Lines.

Waikane Valley Impact Area

Customer: Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Project Description: Mountain Methods, Inc., performed as the key subcontractor to Bering Sea Eccotech on this delivery order number KB01, and all 2nd tier subs were handled by Mountain Methods, Inc.’s Project Management Team. Mountain Methods, Inc., provided support for remedial action at Waikane Valley Impact Area munitions response site. Work included brushing and fence line clearance for UXO technician access. Also included the construction of over 5,000lf of 8’ chainlink fencing with access gates.

Blue Lakes Over Snow Trail Park

Customer: United States Forest Service

Project Description: Mountain Methods, Inc., performed as the key subcontractor to Yerba Buena Construction on this IDIQ Task order, and all 2nd tier subs were handled by Mountain Methods Project Management team. Major parts of the contract included: Installation of an access road and parking area for recreational use. Clearing and grubbing, common excavation, grading, and subgrade compaction. These were completed prior to starting structural operations. Work included placement of 1580 tons of crushed aggregate using a JD 672 motor grader, Superpac 840D roller, and a Cat D6NXL dozer. After 100 lineal feet of asphalt saw cutting for the tie into the existing roadway, 1548 tons of type “B” asphalt was laid with a Leeboy paving machine to cover approximately 63,000 square feet of roadway and parking area. Reinforced poured in place concrete dumpster pads were installed using a 3000psi mix design were completed along with park identification and parking area signs. The final stage was striping 32 parking stalls, ADA accessible stalls, and through traffic lane striping.

Fallon Renovations

Customer: Naval Facilities Southwest

Project Description: Design/Build: Major renovation to 60,000sf occupied building. This required multiple phases of demolition and new construction requirements due to critical building operations. Demolition, Framing, Finishes, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, and Concrete; Renovation project that involves space changes by changing existing wall and door layouts to a new reconfigured layout. The major part of the Scope of Work consists of removing existing walls/doors and installing new walls/doors.

Apron 5 Shade Structures

Customer: Naval Facilities Southwest

Project Description: Supply and install four 60×120’ shade aircraft parking structures.

Camp Pendleton-Range 108 Improvement

Customer: Bering Sea Eccotech

Project Description: Surface sweep all accessible acreage within the 39.5 depicted in purple. Surface and subsurface sweep all roads and demo pits. Grade primitive pathways; install and adequately compact no less than 6 inches of class 2 base material on the approximately 23,600 linear feet of the primitive pathways depicted in blue, light blue, and green.

Pohakuloa Training Area

Customer: Naval Facilities Pacific

Project Description: Mountain Methods, Inc., performed as Subcontractor to Prime Contractor Bering Sea Eccotech on this project for the United States Navy Facilities Engineering Command of the Pacific. Scope of Work involved placement and preparation of military targets for both the Aviation Bulls-Eye Range (ABR) and Urban Close Air Support (UCAS) sites at the Pohakuloa Training Area in Kona, Hawaii. Crews transported and stacked over 180 shipping containers to a new location for the creation of a mock city for military urban support training. Also engineered and painted a 50-meter “Bulls-Eye” ring at the project site.

Rim Fire Paved Roads

Customer: USDA Forest Service

Project Description: Repaved 1.8 miles of roadway. Removed 824 square yards of AC pavement along with 8,422 linear feet of AC dike. Installed 2,510 tons of hot mix asphalt. Cleaned 21 culverts and overlaid all over-side drains with hot mix asphalt, completion of restriping.